FiRe Score consists of 25 questions which can be completed in less than 5 minutes! If on a mobile device, please turn your device to the horizontal position for better viewing. 


1. Please select the ranges which correspond to your current revenue and growth targets

Over the next TWO years I am targeting revenue growth of
Over the next FIVE years I am targeting revenue growth of
2. Are mergers and/or acquisitions (M&A) part of your growth or business strategy?
3. Will you need outside capital to reach your goals?
4. Do you have an exit plan for your business?
5. What is or would be your desired timing to exit your business?
6. Do you currently utilize debt/loans to fund your business?
7. What would happen if the leader(s) of your business left or were disabled (key man risk)?
8. Do you currently have outside equity investors?
9. Have you ever been approached by an outside group to invest in or buy your company?
10. Please select the following sales or market risks that apply to your business (check all that apply)
11. Please select the following business or operations risks that apply to your business (check all that apply)
12. Do you have a financial leader, responsible for accounting processes, data analysis, forecasting, and bank/investor relationships (common title: CFO!)?
13. How large is your accounting team? (please exclude your financial leader in this answer)
14. Do you outsource any of your accounting function?
15. How long does it take to close your books each month?
16. How large is your dedicated finance team, defined as non-accounting personnel dedicated to financial planning and analysis (FP&A), data analysis, and forecasting? (please exclude your financial leader in this answer)
17. Does your team have experience in any of the following? (check all the apply)
18. Do you create budgets, and if so, how often have you met them in the last 2 years?
19. Do you utilize a software or system to capture operational data (such as an ERP)?
20. How would you describe your current insight into business performance?
21. Do you have a sales pipeline and/or backlog?
22. Do you forecast your profitability (P&L or income statement projections)?
23. Is your management team’s compensation directly tied to financial results?
24. Do you forecast your cash flow, cash balances, and/or available cash liquidity (working capital)?
25. How stressful is managing cash in your business?
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