You are a healthcare professional. You have patients from various cultural backgrounds. Are you effectively communicating with your patients to get the results you want? Have you said something unintentionally that is culturally unaware? Take this quiz to see how where you can improve as a healthcare professional!

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1. Are you fascinated by other cultures or wanting to learn another language?
2. If someone doesn't speak English tries to communicate with you, you...
3. You saw an Asian student standing in the crowd and you want to make a conversation, you walk toward this person and said:
4. The Asian person from question 3 told you she is from China, you said:
5. The process of learning languages is like:
6. Someone with an ethnic name came to check in at the front desk, you are the receptionist and you can't pronounce this name, you:
7. Your workplace has mostly Caucasian and one Indian coworker who seems quieter than most, this Indian coworker:
8. Your patient doesn't speak English. Her neighbor came to translate for her. After the patient left, her neighbor called and said she is coming to pick up the prescription on the patient's behalf, you:
9. Doctors need to be more culturally competent than the team members because doctors make the treatment decisions.
10. You can't be culturally competent without knowing the language.

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