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You can assess how much you are investing in creating community and belonging. 

Keep a community in mind for your answers. It may include people at work, your faith tradition, or just your family and friends.  

Do you know when your members both know intellectually and feel emotionally that they belong?
Do you know how other members know when new people belong?
Can you explain in one sentence how a visitor becomes a (formal or informal) member?
Can you name three types of success and/or milestones that are dependably celebrated in the community?
Can you name at least three activities that have much more meaning for your members than for those outside of your community?
Do you know what makes particular gatherings more special for members? (because of certain people, places, words, etc.)
Can you explain how your members are encouraged to act differently than those outside your community?
Do you know the most important place members gather to find one another and what makes that place special?
Can you tell the (most important) story about how your community started?
Do you know how new members learn the community origin story?
Can you tell two stories about how members lives were changed because the community supported them?
Do you know the path new members are offered that will encourage them to teach and support other members?
Do you know what objects members keep that remind them of their belonging?
Can you describe how the most elite members demonstrate concern for the most people?
How confident are you that members know how much they matter to you and that you will call when they need help?

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