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Company growth is a universal goal – but how do you (and your team) go about it? Big ideas that need to go long or small wins down the field? Methodical strategic planning or “ready, fire, aim?”

At Sterling Woods, we work with hundreds of executives to answer the transformational question: how do we grow sales faster now – with what we already have?

Find out how you stack up. Take our 2-minute, confidential assessment that will give you a real-time personalized report with helpful suggestions on what you can do now to grow revenues faster. There are no right or wrong answers as every company is unique and living in the challenges of today.

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1 of 11. From where do you find inspiration when planning new ideas?

2 of 11. How do you get important stuff done?

3 of 11. What best describes how your sales and marketing teams function together?

4 of 11. When your company launches new sales and marketing ideas, which of the following most closely resembles your approach?

5 of 11. Thinking of how you reach potential customers, do you see a need to treat different customers differently?

6 of 11. How do you come up with new strategies to grow your business?

7 of 11. In thinking about data, how strongly do you agree/disagree with this statement:

We know how to turn our data into specific ideas that help us acquire and retain our customers.

8 of 11. What best describes your industry?

9 of 11. What best describes your role?

10 of 11. What was your year over year growth rate for the most recent year?

11 of 11. How many paying customers/accounts do you have?
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