Are you leading to grow? Uncover your Growth Mindset!

Is your approach to revenue growth setting your business up for success, or are you holding your organization back from achieving its full growth potential? Take the quiz to find out!

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1. How would you describe your best customer?
2.  How do you use data in your decision making?
3. What is your approach for trying new marketing and sales activities?
4. When returning from a conference, what do you do?
5. How do you come up with new ideas to grow your business?
6. What best describes the relationship you’ve fostered between your marketing and sales teams?
7. How do you get stuff done?
8. What best describes your industry?
9. What best describes your role?
10. What was your year over year growth rate for the most recent year?
11. How many paying customers/accounts do you have?

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