Do you feel ready to grow and achieve great things? Or do you feel like you could use a burst of inspiration?

As a human being, you are ever-changing, ever-growing, and forever becoming who you are meant to be. The knowledge you gain from each experience can grant a deeper awareness and a sense of clarity as you navigate life’s uncertainties. As you move through the phases of life, the wisdom you acquire will assist you on your path to success and joy.

This quiz was created to help you discover the words of wisdom you need for the greatest priority in your life at this very moment. It will provide lessons and guiding principles to equip you on your path. I encourage you to come back and take the quiz again when you move into new phases of life.

1. How would I like to be remembered?
2. My weekends are spent:
3. Currently I am prioritizing:
4. I pride myself on my ability to:
5. I describe myself as:
6. Prior to pursuing a goal, I pause to consider:
7. My purpose in life is to:
8. I am primarily motivated by:
9. Currently, my greatest weakness is:
10. I think of the future in terms of:


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