Feeling burned out? Take this quick quiz to see if you are and to get some ideas on what you can do about it.

Don't overthink your answers. Be honest with yourself. Answer from the heart about what is really happening in your life at this moment, not what you think you should be doing or saying. This is between you and you. 

There is a much more in-depth version of this quiz here. If you have the time, try taking this version to give you a much more in-depth perspective. 


How many children do you have?


How often do you feel exhausted regardless of how much rest and sleep you get?


How often do you feel emotionally and physically exhausted?


Do you isolate yourself in relationships, whether with friends, family, or acquaintances?


How often do you snap, use sarcasm, or react annoyed to your children and family?


How often do you feel a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day?


How often do you hear positive feedback (eg. "Nice job," "you're a wonderful mom," "thank you," "I appreciate you")?


How often are you able to get at least 7 hours of sleep?


How often do you make time for yourself to reset, replenish, and reset?


Which statement mostly describes the support you receive from family and friends:


What is the most stressful part of parenting for you? (optional)
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