Your operating environment is dynamic and fast-paced. The team you lead wrestles with complexity and uncertainty on a regular basis. The stakes are high, and failure is not an option. In other words, the pressure is on, and you are expected to perform.

Is your team prepared to excel in this type of environment? Are you focusing on the right things to help your team overcome these challenges and consistently perform at a high level?

Few of us are born leaders, but the good news is most of us can learn to lead. The key is understanding what's most important about leading a high-performing team, so you can focus your time and energy on the areas that matter most.

Whether you're a new leader, or an experienced leader who feels like you're constantly putting out fires, find out where you need to focus your attention to help take your team to the next level.


1. My team operates on a high level of trust, both of me as a leader and each other.


2. My team members always follow through on commitments and keep their word.


3. As a leader, I’m constantly working to stay up-to-date and improve my professional knowledge and skills.


4. My team members tend to react negatively to adversity and sometimes panic under pressure.


5. My team members go above and beyond to achieve excellence and avoid letting one another down.


6. I strive to make my team members feel valued by publicly praising their accomplishments.


7. My team members aren’t really connected with one another beyond workplace interactions.


8. On our team, effort and potential are recognized just as much as tangible results.


9. Members of my team feel comfortable sharing their difficulties and challenges with me.


10. I prioritize my team’s welfare ahead of my own.


11. My team knows which tasks, meetings and distractions aren’t essential so they can focus on purpose-driven tasks.


12. On our team, we prioritize professional development and make an effort to constantly hone our skills.


13. My team is fully aligned on what our top priorities are, and they execute on those priorities with disciplined focus.


14. My team often falls short of accomplishing their objectives and the standards that have been set.


15. Following the completion of a project or mission, our team regularly debriefs to identify ways to improve.

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