Without clarity in the four critical areas of alignment,
your business will be held back.

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1. You have an inspiring story to tell customers, team members, and the community about why your business was founded and what you stand for.
2. You have a clear core purpose, or inspiring reason your company exists that drives everything you do.
3. You have a list of 3-5 core values that everyone in your company knows, and understands.  Team members can point to specific ways your values are reflected in the unique ways you operate as a business.
4. You have a clearly defined long-term goal and inspiring vision that articulates the impact you intend to bring to the world. This actively motivates everyone in the company to bring their best to what they do every day.
5. Every member of the team has their own customer avatar – a unique picture of a customer they are dedicated to serving. This empowers everyone to serve the wants, needs, and preferences of customers in a way that is authentic and remarkable.
6. Conversations are frequently held within every department (not just sales and marketing) about the 3-5 core customer needs your company is devoted to fulfilling.
7. You and your leadership team have committed to an area of greatness – a specific differentiating company strength – where you devote 10x the attention and resources to being exceptional.
8. Every week the marketing, sales, and leadership teams devote innovative attention to improving conversion rates of suspects to prospects, prospects to customers, and customers to ambassadors.
9. You have distilled your business performance down to a key set of metrics you review regularly, giving you visibility into what is amplifying progress (that you can leverage) and what is constraining it (and needs innovation).
10. Hope is not your strategy. You have a written chronological strategy aimed at reaching your long-term vision and goals that anyone on your leadership team can articulate and can explain on the fly.
11. Your company has clear, written 12-month, 3-year, and 10-year milestones that everyone in the company hears about at least monthly.
12. Every single person on your team knows the number one breakthrough that would make all the difference in accelerating impact, scale, and profits in the next 12 months. And everyone knows the specific, measurable way they can support that breakthrough.
13. You have implemented a set of meeting rituals (led not just by you, but by a constantly growing set of others) that empower everyone in the company to know with absolute certainty how they can be of the highest and best use today, this week, this month, and this year.
14. You are consciously aware of how you need to grow personally in order for your company to experience a breakthrough in impact, scale, and profit.  At all times, you as the leader know how you need to grow, evolve, heal, and change.
15. You trust in the decision-making of your team. You have transcended the notion that you have all the answers and need to be the person making all the big decisions.  Your focus is on bringing out the brilliance of others. 
16. Your company is a shining example of what it means to be a force for good. You experience joy knowing that your company inspires the best in everyone it touches - team members, customers, partners, suppliers, and the larger community. 

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