As leaders, our job is to effectively navigate diverse and, oftentimes, unexpected challenges for projects taking place within our organizations — particularly the ones where the stakes are the highest.

Missed deadlines, overspent budgets, disconnect between project expectations and the end result, and lack of mutual accountability are a few of the challenges — and the list could go on. But amid problem-solving these roadblocks, have you stopped to consider:

  • What may be some of the underlying causes of these organizational obstacles? 
  • Does my team have all of the resources they need to succeed?
  • What can I do, or provide, for my team that will ultimately lead them to triumph?

Take this assessment for a closer look at whether your team is set up for ultimate project success. 

1. Everyone on my team has access to training and resources to support the development of skills that will enable them to successfully complete quality work.
2. My team members are encouraged to always ask clarifying questions.
3. I receive pushback from team members about my expectations on things such as scope of work, budget, or timelines.
4. When there’s a problem with one of our company’s high-stakes projects, I’m often the last person to hear about it.
5. Ensuring that all of my team members have a manageable workload is important.
6. Oftentimes there is a lack of mutual accountability among my team members when project expectations are not met.
7. My team members know that they can speak openly and honestly with me without fear of anger or retribution.
8. My team is fully aligned on organizational goals and project priorities.
9. I typically do not respond favorably when I hear “No” from my direct reports.
10. My team consistently delivers with the level of quality that I expect.
11. My team consistently delivers projects on-time.
12. My team consistently delivers projects on-or under-budget.
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