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Having taken a number of these types of quizzes in the past, I realize they are only as useful as the data entered. There are no right or wrong answers. Sometimes it is easy to analyze quiz questions as they present themselves and then give an answer that one might think the examiner is looking for. Invariably this does both the examiner and quiz taker a disservice. To get the most out of this quiz, approach each question thinking about situations you have found yourself in or can imagine yourself in and then formulate your response. If you can do this you will get more out of this quiz.
1. I often anticipate challenges that might affect my mindset and develop strategies in advance to cope with each.

2. I have the ability to set aside temporary stress or distractions at moments where I need to perform.

3. I believe courage is directly connected to managing my stress.

4. I often “freeze up” or procrastinate when faced with a stressful event or important life decision.

5. During a high-stress situation, I take a step back and slow down my thinking first before making a decision or acting.

6. I am easily panicked under stress or pressure.

7. I view stress as an unhealthy facet of life that should be avoided.

8. Self-reflection is something that I practice often.

9. I often strive to think of new and creative ways to approach a problem — even if I’ve already found a solution.

10. When assessing a problem, I tend to look for nuance and subtleties vs. making broad generalities.

11. I always “go with my gut” during high-pressure situations.

12. Which of the following books have you read? Select all that apply.

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