Your brain has a powerful influence on your overall wellness. Your brain is affected by many different factors, including lifestyle, genetics, nutrition, as well as your social connections and sense of purpose in life. 

With the sudden impact COVID-19 has had on our society, the likelihood that one or more of these factors is lacking or out of balance has significantly increased, causing you to feel tired or restless, gain weight more easily, or feel disconnected from your relationships and community.

The Brain Health Assessment will help you discover areas of your life where an imbalance may be occurring. Answer the following questions to find out what may be impacting your brain health!

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1. I get 8 hours of sleep each night.
2. I wake up excited to face the day.
3. I exercise at least 3 times a week.
4. I eat organic fruits and vegetables.
5. I’m part of a community where I have a sense of belonging.
6. I graze throughout the day.
7. I tend to procrastinate on important tasks.
8. I know my life’s purpose.
9. I believe in something greater than myself.
10. I find ways to give back to my community.
11. I trust others easily.
12. I believe most people are good.
13. I feel irritable and have a quick temper.
14. I have obsessive and compulsive tendencies.
15. I feel restless.
16. I have addictive tendencies.
17. I like to take risks.
18. It’s difficult for me to control my impulses.
19. I know my body’s ability to metabolize sugar.
20. I crave sweets.
21. I get migraine headaches.
22. I have low energy.
23. I gain weight easily.
24. I have white spots on my fingernails.

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