Most of us are trying to do right by the planet, but let's be honest - it's hard! Between trying to be a good person, good friend, successful, and having fun, sometimes taking care of Mother Earth can slip through the cracks. 

Let's see how you stack up to the rest of the Mostlygreen crew in your helping-the-planet-out-ness. We'll give you tailored tips on what you can do next. For each statement, choose the answer that most closely matches your habits. Don't be scared, there are no wrong answers! We're not perfect and we kinda hope you aren't either cause that would really mess with our self-esteem here. 

So, give it a whirl! 

Mason & Jess 
Founders of

1. Where do your weekly veggies come from?

2. It’s Friday night and you don’t feel like cooking. What do you do to satisfy your hunger?

3. What kind of diet do you follow?

4. What are your favorite activities when you travel?

5. You see an animal stuck in some plastic rings from soda cans, what do you do?

6. What type of car do you currently drive?

7. How seriously do you take climate change?

8. How do you shop for clothes?

9. Your waitress asks if you’d like a straw with your iced-tea, do you accept it?

10. You’re done with your beverage can and there’s no recycling bin nearby, what do you do?


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