Marketing in the digital age requires a multitude of dynamic elements that interact and evolve over time - not unlike an ecosystem. Take a few minutes to consider the key elements of your overall marketing strategy. 

Do you have clarity on which pieces of your digital marketing efforts deserve more resources and which ones are wasting your money?

We designed this short assessment to give you a snapshot of where your brand is currently at, as well as recommendations to help your digital ecosystem thrive.

* First Name
* Last Name
* Email Address

* Business Name
* Year Established
* Percentage of annual budget spent on marketing?

Can you pitch your business 3 seconds or less?
Do you know what sets your brand apart?
Can your audience recognize your branding?
Do you know who your audience(s) are for your brand?

Is your website more than 4 years old?
If your website went down or some form of your platform, do you have a quick and reliable solution to get it fixed?
Is your site secure?
Is your site mobile responsive?
Do you know how much it currently costs for you to acquire a legit lead?

Where does your audience hang out online?
Where do you source your content?
How often do you post to your social platforms?
Do you know how much of your business comes from social media? Google? Traditional media? Networking?


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