Uncertainty is change on steroids! And if it teaches you nothing else it is that your life and career can change in an instant, and most of the changes you experience are those over which you have no control. It’s enough to make you believe that success is not possible, and convince you that you have very little power over the results you achieve in your business and in your life.  

But don’t let unpredictability become an overwhelming obstacle to your personal and professional success.

This quiz is a guide to evaluate your THRIVE INDICATOR, and see where you fall on the scale of success. See where you are making the right moves, and discover powerful ideas to push through obstacles and turn uncertainty into your opportunity. 

Let’s get started! 

1. I use and refer to my vision every day to make decisions about my business and my life.
2. I write down my goals and have a structured plan to achieve these goals.
3. I consistently achieve my goals and set new ones on a quarterly or annual basis.
4. I am disciplined in my approach to all areas of my life (physical health, business and spiritual health, etc.).
5. I am clear on my core values and use them for decision-making both personally and professionally.
6. My health is something I prioritize every day.
7. I take the time to eat right and exercise daily.
8. I have goals set for where I want to continue learning and developing and I set aside time every day to invest in this growth.
9. I schedule quiet time daily to reflect and renew my energy and spirit.
10. I have a relationship-building plan that includes understanding who I will network with, where I will network with them and how I will nurture those relationships.
11. I have a written budget, understand my revenue, my expenses and my savings and I work to stay on course.
12. At minimum, I review my finances quarterly and proactively find ways to increase revenue, decrease expenses and expand my investments.
13. I am open to trying new things and embrace the idea that I may fail.
14. When things do not work out, I do not get stuck in what does not work out. Instead, find a way to move forward.
15. I am motivated by the learning and depth of growth the journey provides as I move towards my goal.
16. I see change as an opportunity to anticipate shifts happening in the marketplace, and work to make the shifts before change is required.
17. I take ownership of where I am in my life and business and accept that blame does not move me forward.
18. I think about the outcome or impact I want to have before speaking or taking action.
19. I expect challenges and obstacles and embrace that I would not have achieved what I have without them.
20. I believe I will thrive. I feel it, I visualize it and I am confident.
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