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1. I take time to get clear on what really matters most to me in the day ahead.
2. I set myself daily goals, and meet most of them.
3. I find it easy to stay on track with my good intentions.
4. I give my most important work my full, undistracted attention each day.
5. I make time to pause, recharge, and reflect at points during the day.
6. I’m able to handle everything that’s on my plate right now.
7. Even when it takes effort, I don’t put off things that need doing.
11. I’m good at coming up with new things to try if something needs fixing.
8. I usually “click” well with people when I first meet them.
9. Most of my relationships are free of tensions and disagreements.
10. I’m happy with the motivation and performance of people I work with.
16. Even under pressure, I’m confident and self-assured in the way I present myself to others.
12. I’m thoughtful in the way I make decisions, always weighing different options and perspectives.
13. I have a routine that helps me sharpen my thinking when I need to rise to a challenge.
14. When I have something important to say, I have no problems making myself heard.
15. When necessary, I can persuade people to try something new or different.
17. I stay on an even keel when stressful things happen.
18. I find it easy to move on after something has gone wrong.
19. I do something to invest in my physical wellbeing every day.
20. At the end of the day, I usually have some energy left in the tank.
21. I know how to make the dull or difficult parts of my job feel more enjoyable.
22. I feel in control of the way I experience everyday life.
23. On balance, my days tend to be good days.
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