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1. How often do you use each of these methods to communicate with your team?
Face–to–Face Conversations

2. How explicitly do you describe your communication style to others in your workplace?
Explain here:

3. How do you think using technology benefits you as an introvert?

4. What is the #1 piece of advice you would give to an introvert who is told by his/her boss to "speak up more in meetings"?

5. How do you handle it when another person tends to take credit for an idea you brought forth in a meeting?
Please specify if you have other approaches

6. How do you push yourself out of your comfort zone to communicate? Can you give an example?

7. My preferred social media platform is:
If you chose other or you have more than one preferred social media platform, please specify:

8. To stay focused on others in conversation I:
Take conscious breaths
Remove distractions
Prepare questions and talking points
Communicate how much time I have
Refocus the conversation when necessary

9. Is there anything else you think is important or misunderstood about how you as an introverted leader communicate?

10. Would you be willing to be contacted by Jennifer if she has follow-up questions?


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