Businesses are built by growing relationships with customers. Culture is created by the stories those relationships tell. Talent energized by a compelling culture will drive organizational success and provide innovative growth opportunities for both the business and the individual. These are two of the most important differentiators of a business.

Are you building an "it's my pleasure" culture ? Find out now!

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Where do you think the true essence of a company’s culture comes from?
When looking to add someone to your team, which quality is the most important?
What is your method to approaching your day-to-day work?
If someone on your team demonstrates poor character on the job, how do you address the issue?
Which of the following would you say should NOT be a factor when selecting new talent for your team?
When looking for new talent, do you hire someone based upon your “best guess” assumption, or do you ensure you are choosing the candidate who is the best fit?
You notice a team member is having a hard time focusing at work, which is affecting the flow of his work. What would you do to rectify the situation?
Which of the following is the best way to steward talent?
What does it mean to be a “steward” of emerging talent?
When you don’t focus on team members’ unique interests, contributions and have a clear development path for them, you risk losing leaders to another company. Which of the following would you say is the best way to steward emerging leaders who work for you?
Investing in emerging leaders as well as the tenured, more seasoned leaders in your company is a win-win. Which of the following is the NOT advised when it comes to investing in seasoned leaders?
When would you say is the best time to tell someone “no” when they ask you to do something for them?
When a team member accomplishes something significant in your organization, how is your team most likely to react?
What is the best way to lead a winning team?
How is your organization’s second-mile service laid out internally?

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