1. Do you have a transition strategy in place to gracefully change ownership of your business?
2. Have you engaged professional help to plan and oversee your business ownership transition?
3. How soon do you plan to sell or transition your business to new ownership?
4. Do you choose your personal and business insurance strategically to protect your most critical assets?
5. Does your business have management in place to make decisions and executive tasks, or is your involvement required for everything?
6. Do you incentivize key executives to boost morale and ensure they remain loyal through transition?
7. Have you worked to minimize the impact of taxes on your business's profitability and retirement income?
8. Do you have an asset protection plan in place to shield your business and personal assets from claims brought on grounds subject to debtor-creditor law?
9. Have you performed a long-term, in-depth cash flow analysis of your business to enable advanced planning?
10. How adaptable is your current plan for how your business will transition ownership?
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