CEO is a unique position that few understand or are trained for.  

So few, that the average lifespan of a new CEO is around five years—and roughly half fail in the position.

The million-dollar question is: How can you ensure that you will be successful? Being successful will require developing a deep understanding of ALL the critical roles the CEO plays. The CEO must balance the needs of all stakeholders while delivering predictable performance. 

Where do your strengths lie as CEO and what areas need improvement to create the balance needed in this critical role?

Let us find out.


I see clear alignment throughout my team on organizational goals and project priorities.


Everyone in my organization knows their key metrics and tracks them consistently. 


I avoid presenting negative news about the business to my team. 


I frequently discuss the company vision with stakeholders. 


All executives on my team are given autonomy to spend their budget the way they see fit to meet our business goals. 


I consistently communicate the company’s financial goals to all members of the team. 


All new employees receive comprehensive training when they come on board. 


My company has a consistent schedule for conducting employee performance reviews and ratings. 


It is important to have a transparent work environment where all employees receive information about the current state of the business.


I empower my direct reports to enforce company rules as they see fit, based on the performance of their team members. 


Every team member has written business goals to achieve. 


When difficult decisions are made, the decisions align with our stated corporate values. 


Decisions in the organization are consistently made at the lowest appropriate level. 


I make difficult decisions for the company in a timely manner.


All my executives make important decisions in their area of responsibility. 


When decisions are made, they are quickly communicated to the organization. 


I rely on my department heads to create quarterly goals that support the larger goals I set as CEO.  


The board/owners are consistently informed of company performance.


We compare our performance to our competitors’ metrics. 


Current company metrics are visible to all team members. 

All done!
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