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Do you ever wonder if corporate buzzwords have rubbed off on you to the point where most of what you say at work wouldn’t make sense to anyone who doesn’t work with you (and maybe some who do)?  Are you so desensitized to corporate-speak that you write it in cards to your mom on Mother’s Day? Or have you somehow found a way to successfully work in the corporate world without succumbing to its mind-numbing lingo?

Find out in our quick and easy quiz below by seeing if you actually know what these corporate-speak expressions mean. Once you complete the quiz, we’ll let you know right away how you did…and if shock therapy is in your imminent future. Regardless of how you do, we’ve got some useful and practical communication tips for you.

Creating a Paradigm Shift

Build a Straw Dog

Open Up the Kimono

Singing from the Same Song-Sheet


Critical Mass

Get Our Arms Around This

Hit the Ground Running

Double Click Down

Pick the Low-Hanging Fruit



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