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Accept the Alien

1. I am able to read my opposite's non-verbal signals.
2. I am patient with my opposite's different approaches.
3. We give each other updates and communicate on a regular basis.
4. We have developed a shorthand for communicating.
5. I have accepted that I cannot change my opposite.

Bring on the Battles

1. I regularly challenge my opposite's thinking.
2. I keep my partner's energy preference in mind during conflict.
3. We take time-outs when we need to recharge.
4. We keep our eyes on our shared vision.
5. We are open to bringing in a third party to break through an impasse.

Cast the Character

1. We discuss who should take what role before each engagement.
2. We share equal credit on projects.
3. I advocate for my opposite as needed.
4. At times, we break out of our expected roles.
5. We provide feedback to each other on a regular basis.

Destroy the Dislike

1. On most days, I am on friendly terms with my partner.
2. We balance the need for privacy and shared information.
3. We are able to laugh with each other in a good-natured way.
4. We are inspired by common values.
5. I see short-term friendships with opposites as a chance to learn.

Each Can't Offer Everything

1. Clients tell us they benefit from our diverse and divergent opinions.
2. We gather information on what is and isn't working with our clients.
3. We are clear about our own ideas and positions before meeting with customers.
4. My partner and I moel openness to our clients.
5. We take steps to understand our clients' introverted and extroverted energy.
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