With acceptance rates in the single digits at top colleges, and over 3.3 million high school seniors, competition to get into college has never been more intense.

Take this test to evaluate how “admit ready” your child is and how to help him/her better prepare to get into a top tier college.

College admissions is not transparent and most parents are overwhelmed by the intimidating process and complicated system. Use these test results to make a plan and help your child take action to stand out in the uber competitive pool of college applicants.

Top Tier Admissions is home to America's Premier College Consultants who have designed this test to help you get ahead of the game and understand the process quickly to learn where your student falls in the mix.

This TTA test is a guide to evaluate where your student is in preparing to apply to elite colleges.

Let’s get started!
1. What is your child’s class rank?

2. What level of courses has your child taken?

3. What are your child’s highest SAT (or ACT with Writing Equivalent) scores?

4. What are your child’s highest SAT Subject Test scores?

5. What are your child’s highest AP scores?

6. My child’s extracurricular activities are best described as:

7. In what ways has your child gone above and beyond outside of the school year?

8. In what ways does your child stand out academically or otherwise?

9. Does your child have a “hook” or special connection to a school?

10. What do your child’s teachers say about your child?

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