Leadership can be hard, lonely, and confusing. Learning to juggle new responsibilities is one thing, but nothing can prepare you for the anxiety you’ll feel over how you’re perceived, or the ever-present fear that you might disappoint your team or your leader.

This is why I have honed in on four simple steps that have transformed leadership as we know it. With these fours steps I have developed the courage to connect with my team in a meaningful way and start winning together. 

Are you ready to learn if you are currently on track or off track in creating alignment within your organization and driving a culture built on employee fulfillment? Answer these questions based on how you are feeling right now.

My company has a very distinct culture.
I feel that I am aware of each of my team member’s worldviews (Hopes, Preferences, Experiences, Traditions and Beliefs.)
I value my team member’s worldview.
Our company has a purpose and guiding principles (or core values) that we live by and implement daily.
My company values my time.
I know how to leverage my time toward our company's purpose.
Our team works to set timelines and priorities at the beginning of all projects.
My team members understand how their assignments correlate to our company purpose and our leadership reminds the team of these priorities when assigning tasks.
I am aware of my soft skills.
I feel valued for my soft skills more than my hard skills.
I give space for my team members within each meeting to voice their opinions or ideas.
My passions and soft skills are aligned with my role at work.
I feel like I know how to be successful at work.
I believe my leader wants me to be successful.
I believe my success is  not limited to the company org chart.
I am operating in a healthy work-life integration.


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