1. On a scale of 1-5, how passionate are you about your prospective book idea?
2. What best describes your feelings about writing a book?
3. What is the main reason you want to write a book?
4. What describes your level of readiness?

1. What best describes the type of book you want to write?
2. What best describes your thoughts about the contents of the book?
3. How would you describe your writing skills?

1. How many hours would you be willing to commit to writing your book over the next six months?
2. What best describes your clarity about the book concept?
3.How do you plan to get the expertise, guidance, and feedback needed for writing a successful book?
4.How do you plan to stay on track, get support, and stay accountable?
5. What best describes the plan you have in place to write and publish your book?
6. What best describes how you want to publish your book?

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What best describes your work?
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