Is your company implementing the right business technologies for all stakeholders?

The various technologies your company utilizes should support your business’ short-term and long-term goals, as well as its internal and external processes. This includes content management, customer relations, internal communications and adaptability for scalable growth.

Without integrated technologies across all sectors, your company is missing out on key opportunities for enhancing engagement, productivity and profitability.

Is your company implementing the right business technologies for all stakeholders? Read each statement below and select True or False to evaluate the effectiveness of your company’s current business technologies.
1. Our business processes are clearly defined and supported by our company’s current technologies.
2. We have integrated workflows to help manage content, business processes and integrations.
3. My teams have easy access to accurate data through advanced reporting and analytics features.
4. I can find all documents for a specific project and see clearly the state, owner, and status of each document.
5. Our current technologies are adaptable and scalable for our company’s growth.
6. Our company uses an optimized CRM platform that allows us to seamlessly identify, track and communicate with existing and potential customers.
7. If True, what CRM platform are you using?
8. Our current content management system doesn’t integrate with my CRM system.
9. What CMS platform is your company utilizing?
10. I feel confident in our current platforms for data management and integration.
11. Our customers find our company’s client-facing portals easy to use and accessible to receive data and information.
12. With our existing technologies, we are able to identify and quickly incorporate new customer engagement models.
13. Our business utilizes Azure technologies to create, deploy and manage solutions.
14. Our company currently uses SharePoint.
15. If True, what version of this platform are is your company using?
16. We consistently audit and update our technologies to ensure they are current, secure and meeting our company’s standards and needs.
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