If you’re thinking about selling your company or taking on a capital partner, nearly everything is at stake.

It’s possible to get to the other side of a sale and have all your needs met and get an outcome that’s great for everyone. It’s also possible to get to the other side and feel as if twenty years of your life were wasted, even as everyone around you celebrates.

Take it from me -- I’ve been there. I’ve sold a business the wrong way, but then I bought it back and sold it again the right way. I can tell you there’s a world of difference in how it feels.

That's what “selling without selling out” is all about, and the process of getting your company ready for sale begins with a look at some big questions. Take the assessment to get started and evaluate where you are on the path to readiness.

- Sunny Vanderbeck 

Are you the owner, CEO or a board member?
Annual revenue:
1. How would you describe your current day-to-day involvement with your company?
2. In five years, what role do you see yourself having within the company?
3. How does your business run today?
4. As you think about selling your business or bringing on a capital partner, which statement describes you best?
5. When it comes to evaluating potential buyers or capital partners for your business:
6. When determining the best potential investor/buyer, it’s most important to consider:
7. Once you begin the process of selling your business or bringing on a capital partner, it’s best to tell:
8. If a buyer/investor asked to see the last five years of your company’s performance vs. projections today:
9. If you were on the verge of closing a good deal with a buyer/investor, but there was one term in the buyer’s contract that bothered you, you would:
10. Think about what your business will look like the day after selling or taking on a capital partner. What do you envision?
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