Are you a Quiet or Expressive Influencer?
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1. You have been a strong performer at your organization and believe you deserve a raise. You:
2. You want your organization to consider a new "work from home" policy, so you:
3. You are co-leading a project with John. While on a conference call with the entire team, he loudly interrupts you 3 times.
4. A peer in another department has been assigbed to work on your project. He has several competing priorities and was three days late on his last assignment. You decide to:
5. Your client doesn't volunteer needed feedback on your work performance, You decide to:
6. Your busy day includes a Chamber of Commerce breakfast, followed by conference calls, meetings and dinner out. Tomorrow looks like more of the same. You look forward to:
7. You are in charge of redesigning a work process that requires “out of the box thinking.” Your first move is to:
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