is what helps you stay upright no matter what life throws in your path. It’s about having your books balanced and a plan for a stable financial future.
is what helps you create a truly rich, meaningful life. It’s rooted in connection, love, appreciation, giving, and having lots of fun!

Here’s the ugly, unspoken truth...

In trying to “Live The Dream” – Money! Work! Success! – many of us have lost our way (including me). 

Let me explain. In the quest for money and “making it,” many of us have lost the emotional connection to feelings of abundance, simplicity and small joys. Others have lost our financial health on this journey. Without even realizing it, we’ve found ourselves sucked into the dark vortex of “never enough” thinking which invariably leads to lives full of stress, overwhelm and dissatisfaction. Kind of bleak, right? 

My name is Manisha Thakor, and I am the founder of the financial wellbeing consultancy MoneyZen, LLC. With an MBA from Harvard and 25+ years of experience working in financial services, I have seen up close the pain and heartache that can result from a living a financial life that is in conflict with one's heart and soul. 

Thankfully, if you buck the trend and decide to pursue financial health and emotional wealth in equal measure—money no longer defines you. Instead, money becomes a power tool to help you craft a life of meaning and joy on your own terms. 

That’s when you strike gold. That’s how you find your MoneyZen. 

Financial Health + Emotional Wealth =

This short, 12-question WELL(th) Assessment Quiz is designed to help you understand how balanced you currently are between emotional wealth and financial health. If you identify, even just a tiny bit, with the issues mentioned above, this quiz will be a gift. That’s because this priceless information about yourself is what will enable you to clearly identify where you could benefit from a tune-up (or radical transformation!) in order to live the life that makes your heart sing with MoneyZen. 

1. I feel comfortable talking about my personal finances with those closest to me.
2. I compare how well I’m doing and/or how much money I’m making to others in my social circle.
3. I find myself spending money I don’t have.
4. My family talked openly about money while I was growing up.
5. I track my monthly expenses.
6. I put at least 10% of what I earn each year into retirement and/or savings accounts.
7. I will work late to perfect a project, even if it means missing out on after-work plans I had already made.
8. I have plenty of time for the hobbies that bring me joy.
9. I am fully present when spending time with family or friends.
10. I actively seek opportunities to connect with others around me.
11. I strive to learn from all of my life experiences, whether they are happy or sad.
12. When I make spending decisions I deliberately pause to think about the effect on both my emotional wealth and my financial health.

All Done!

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