Are your workdays full of meaningless tasks that take up the majority of your focus? Are you overwhelmed by a constantly full schedule? Do you feel like there is no time in your day to simply stop and gain perspective, solve problems or think creatively? There's a better way to operate in your career and it's not hard to learn - we just have to be willing to commit to a change.

The answer to our collective busyness is to reclaim our days by freeing up time to think, process, and create. With the Busyness Test, we’ll take a closer look at your day-to-day activities and habits to help you learn how to uncover more of this crucial space for creativity and strategic thinking.


1. I know how to say “no” to my boss.


2. In my pursuit of perfection, I tend to get bogged down in the details.


3. When juggling multiple tasks, I easily prioritize what deserves my attention.


4. I interrupt others because everything feels urgent.


5. If I’m involved in a low-value project at work, I feel confident to say so.


6. I always try to answer emails immediately.


7. Communications such as emails, texts or chats negatively impact my focus.


8. I regularly spend more than 15 hours per week in internal company meetings or calls.


9. I don’t have to be directly involved in every detail of a project to achieve a successful outcome.


10. I have trouble “letting go” and letting others take the reins on projects or initiatives.


11.  I feel guilty when I disconnect from work to be with my family.


12. It’s hard for me to stop thinking about work in my free time.


13. I slow down when I’m getting exhausted by my work habits.


14. I take vacations each year for at least a week.


15. When I take a vacation, I completely unplug from work and email.


16. Taking time off makes me anxious and I worry something will fall through the cracks.


17. I experience insomnia or poor sleep due to concerns about work.


18. A typical day at my workplace is filled with stressful moments.


19. I often feel overwhelmed and mentally and/or physically exhausted.


20. I feel fulfilled at work because I’m able to use my most valuable skills.


21. I’m often able to strategize and engage in high-level planning during my work week.


22. I am too preoccupied with busywork to look at the big picture.


23. My performance or that of my organization has suffered due to lack of strategic planning.


24. My daily workload leaves me feeling creatively depleted.


25. I’m too busy with emails, paperwork and other administrative tasks to think creatively.


26. I often innovate new solutions, ideas and approaches.


27. I’m constantly busy to an extent that it’s hard to take a breath sometimes.


28. I often have periods during the workday with no time-sensitive tasks or meetings.


29. After meetings, I’m able to process my thoughts and key takeaways before moving on to the next task or meeting.


30. If I’m not busy completing a task, then I feel I’m wasting time.

All done!

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