The battle to create brand recognition for a corporation or small business is taking place in a media world that’s noisier and more crowded than ever.

That’s why some entrepreneurs, CEOs and professionals have come to realize that they can set themselves apart by looking beyond the corporate brand and instead building their personal brand, positioning themselves as an expert and leader in their industry and marketplace. What we are seeing in today’s media landscape is growing and leveraging your personal brand as the trojan horse for your corporation accelerates the speed of trust with your customer.  

Is your platform on track to grow your business and make a bigger impact?

1. Do you currently own your name as a URL? Ex:


2. Do you have a call-to-action on your website to get people onto your email list?


3. When you Google your name, what do you find?


4. What best describes your involvement on social media?


5. Do you blog regularly?


6. What best describes your content strategy?


7. Do you have an email list?


8. What best describes your relationship with your LinkedIn profile?


9. Are you active on social media beyond LinkedIn?


10. How often do you receive media coverage?


11. How active of a participant are you on social media?


12. Do you re-market your media coverage?


13. Do you currently speak to your target audience?


14. When you speak at events, how polished would you say your material is?


15. If your customers were out at a cocktail party and your name came up, would they brag about youhat would they say about you?

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* Last Name
* Email Address
* Company Name


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