Is your financial advisor costing you?

We know you need clarity and transparency when it comes to your financial planning.

Your advisor should not only help you invest wisely, but help you avoid mistakes beyond the portfolio that may undermine your financial security or even derail your lifestyle.

Is your financial advisor costing you?

Answer the 12 questions below to evaluate your current or potential financial advisor.

1. You pay fees directly to your advisor PLUS hidden fees within your portfolio to the funds you’re invested in. Do you know what you’re currently paying in TOTAL fees?
2. Based on the advice you’ve received, how much of your financial assets should be in retirement accounts vs. non-retirement accounts?
3. How often does your financial advisor review your tax returns to assure tax-efficient investing?
4. My advisor is constantly looking for ways to reduce my tax bracket and reduce my current and future taxes.
5. I know exactly how much money I should contribute or withdraw from my investment accounts each year to achieve my goals without running out of money in retirement.
6. My advisor delivers financial advice beyond assets under management by looking at my total financial picture including outside investments, 401(k), home equity, annuities, etc.
7. My advisor counsels me on how much of my total income needs should be from guaranteed income.
8. How often does your advisor adjust your asset allocation mix to take advantage of other people’s mistakes?
9. How often does your financial advisor “stress test” your assets for inevitable financial storms to determine your probability of success in achieving your goals?
10. My advisor has reviewed my medical and long-term care insurance coverage to help me avoid becoming a burden to loved ones due to a medical condition.
11. My advisor knows my goals for leaving an inheritance and has reviewed my estate documents to ensure they are up-to-date and complete.
12. I’m confident that I can call my advisor for advice on any topic related to my money and get an answer that is in my best interest.
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