Although it is unlike any other part of Texas, Austin is one of the fastest growing cities in the country.

So much so, Austin natives are nearly one in a million.

We all love the city of Austin. From the food, to festivals, to the outdoor beauty, there is something for everyone in our great city. Whether you were born here or just moved in, Austinites love taking ownership of their city. Do you have the knowledge to back it up?

How well do you know the city we call home?

Take the Austinite Quiz to see how well you know the 512 and determine if you can call yourself a true Austinite!

1. What time of day should you eat breakfast tacos?

2. Fill in the blank: _____, how are you?

3. What’s your favorite color?

4. Which Austin celebrity attended The University of Texas?

5. What is SXSW?

6. What animated character does Austin throw a huge bash for every year?

7. Why do people gather at the South Congress Bridge every evening?

8. What is “Zilker” the name of?

9. What year did ACL Fest start?

10. What was Austin originally named?

11. Austin has the only ____ beach in all of Texas.

12. Austin is the only United States home of this international sport.

13. Which restaurant chain was not started in Austin?

14. When is the best time to have a cocktail?

15. What social media platform launched in Austin?

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