Processing worker payroll ranks among the most challenging and time-consuming parts of running a construction business. From proper employee time collection and pay to tax reporting that meets federal, state and local guidelines, it is important that your organization’s payroll service is designed specifically for construction needs.

Let’s take a deeper look at where your company’s payroll currently stands and whether opportunities exist to improve efficiency or lower risk.
1. I feel a sense of dread when it comes time to start payroll, as it often takes up a large amount of time in my day.
2. We currently have a system in place that guarantees our tax calculations and reporting are meeting federal, state and local requirements.
3. Our company offers remote time collection including a remote time clock and geocoding capabilities.
4. My company’s payroll record keeping contains detailed documentation which enables us to quickly determine that our payroll process is being done accurately and efficiently.
5. I feel 100% confident that my organization is calculating and delivering worker compensation and insurance premium rates properly.
6. Our company’s payroll service uses state-of-the-art security that protects our employees sensitive information such as birth dates and social security information.
7. We have access to custom payroll reporting analytics that help our organization improve accuracy and drive actionable change.
8. I feel that our payroll service is user friendly and simple to understand.
9. I am satisfied that the payroll service we are utilizing meets the unique needs and requirements of the construction industry.
10. Accounting software integration is something our present payroll service offers.
11. My company has organized labor (union) employees and/or is involved in government funded work projects which determine wage and benefit standards for my workers.
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