Ever wondered how your company measures up when it comes to critical operating fundamentals?

Many entrepreneurs find themselves overwhelmed by the demands of running a business, hindering their ability to execute their vision.

This operational audit is your opportunity to uncover strengths and pinpoint areas for immediate improvement.


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Your company has a clear MISSION that includes the problem you're solving and why you're solving it.  It’s documented & communicated to anyone & everyone that interacts with your business.


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Your company has clearly defined its target customer (the people you're solving the problem for) and you've sized the market to understand how many customers you can actually reach.


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Your company operates from a budget model, compares its estimate-to-actuals every month, & updates its 12-mo cash forecast accordingly.


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Your company has a clear competitive advantage over other companies solving the same problem as you.


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Your company has created an effective marketing plan that brings prospects into your sales funnel and converts them to paying customers.


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Your company has a clear vision in writing that paints the picture of what the company is building towards five to ten years out.


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Your company has uncovered & documented its core values and they're used to attract & manage like-minded colleagues on a regular basis.


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Your company has a detailed org structure that lists everyone's core responsibilities, and it's updated regularly.


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Your company uses a personality-assessment tool to ensure everyone in the company is doing work that's best suited for their natural tendencies.


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Your company has a solid hiring process that thoroughly vets candidates to ensure they are a good culture fit and have the proper skills, experience, & behavioral tendencies for the role.


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Your company has systems in place for regular training & ongoing development of your team, including regular 1:1's, and a professional development budget.


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Your company has curated a culture that tends to the team's core human needs (certainty, variety, connectedness, significance, growth, & contribution).


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Your company meets quarterly to review progress, discuss learnings, and plan the highest-priority work for the next 90 days.


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Your company uses a cloud-based work management platform (e.g. Asana, BaseCamp, Notion, Monday, Trello, etc.) to centralize the team's issues, tasks, and projects.


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Your company uses technology tools effectively to remove friction from the organization and improve team productivity.


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Everyone in the company is involved in at least one recurring meeting per week to share information, review progress, solve issues, & adjust plans accordingly.


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Your company sets goals annually & quarterly and checks progress towards those goals at least monthly.


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Your company uses information in the form of scorecards & dashboards to make data-driven decisions.


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Your company's processes & principles are documented, updated regularly, and stored in a centralized location that's easily accessible by the entire team.


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Your company has systems for receiving regular feedback from customers & employees that's reviewed at least quarterly.
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