Where does your company rank when it comes to critical operating fundamentals?

Many entrepreneurs struggle to bring their vision to life because they’re bogged down with the business of running a business. Juggling the fundamentals of operating can keep even the smartest leaders from reaching their potential.

This assessment will determine where your operational strengths lie and where you can improve.

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Your company has a clearly stated MISSION (a problem you're solving).
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Your company has a clearly stated VISION (the manner in which you're solving the problem).
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You've uncovered your CORE VALUES and use them to recruit, hire, and manage your team.
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Your company has narrowed down its TARGET CUSTOMER.
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Your company has a clear sense of what SETS YOU APART from competitors.
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Your company has a solid hiring process that thoroughly vets candidates.
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You're using a personality-assessment tool to ensure everyone in the company is doing the work best suited for them.
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You have an org chart that lists everyone's responsibilities and it's updated frequently.
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Your company conducts performance reviews at least twice a year.
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Your company has a system for receiving regular employee feedback.
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You operate off of a BUDGET, compare your estimate-to-actuals every month, and update your 12-mo cash forecast accordingly.
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Your company's leadership team meets quarterly to review progress and determine the highest-priority work.
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Everyone on your team takes on a handful of internal projects every quarter that propel the company forward.
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Everyone in your company is involved in at least one recurring meeting per week to share information, solve issues, and adjust plans accordingly.
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Your company uses a cloud-based work-management platform to centralize the team's issues, tasks, and projects.
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Every person in your organization has a number that is tied to their performance and they know where they stand at all times.
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Your company has a set of key metrics that is updated and reviewed weekly to measure performance.
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You have a system for receiving regular feedback from your customers.
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Your team uses a cloud-based CRM tool to centralize and track all communication with prospective and existing customers.
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Your company processes are documented, updated constantly and stored in a centralized location that's easily accessible.
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