As an organizational leader, aligning your teams to your strategic plan and hitting goals efficiently should be your #1 priority. Without the correct tools and habits for success, executing on these plans is a recipe for failure. 

Rhythm Systems was created to provide a clear structure for organizations to achieve accountability, alignment and transparency. This system has turned many companies into a well-oiled machine, where every department is in sync with their overall strategic goals. 

Take this 5-minute quiz to see where your organization currently stands and what pain points may be hindering your ability to execute. 

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1. Our organization has defined our core values and mission statement, and actively utilizes this foundation to guide daily decisions.
2. Our leadership has created a plan that identifies the roles/skills/people we will need in the next 3-5 years.
3. Our team members are operating in a healthy work-life integration and our leadership makes culture easy and profitable for retaining talent.
4. Our annual plan meets the execution metrics required to accelerate our long-term growth goals.
5. All departments have specific priorities that are aligned to the company’s yearly goals with success criteria to determine if they are on track.
6. All individual team members understand their unique role and responsibilities to ensure the success of our organization’s annual plan.
7. Our organization holds quarterly planning meetings that allow team members to feel prepared and proactively problem solve for the quarter ahead.
8. As CEO, I am continually reviewing our strategic plan with my executive team at intervals throughout the year, making adjustments where necessary.
9. I feel confident in participating and contributing in our company's facilitated planning sessions.
10. Our organizational leaders are running efficient weekly meetings, with preparing, debating and solving problems taking up less than 50% of meeting time.
11. Our team has clearly defined metrics that allow us to accurately measure performance and identify gaps proactively.
12. Our meeting process allows us to make adjustments based on our evolving visual metrics.

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