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We cultivate curiosity and wonder in our culture.

We regularly allocate time to form a perspective on complet issues or challenges.

We encourage people to formulate their own insights and judgement without relying on "the big boss" to do the thinking for them.

Our meetings start with a process for getting people focused and centered. This includes a candid review of our success and challenges, and things for which we are grateful.

Our company encourages us to unplug and create personal time away from work.

We promote activities and hobbies that appear unrelated to our core business. We believe this helps marketers discover patterns and themes across seemingly disparate topics.

Everyone is recognized and rewarded for innovative behaviors. Fresh ideas and prudent risk are part of our cultural fabric.

We foster constructive, not destructive criticism. We would never attack a customer's or team member's character for personal gain.

We welcome viewpoints from various stakeholders, not the loudest or most seasoned person in the room.

Our conversations are informed by evidence. This helps us assess the severity of a situation and formulate our final decisions.

Our company/department schedules regular days of learning events - often without using any electronic means.

We are aware of our "global goggles." In other words, we recognize the perspectives that we carry with us from our earlier yeats. We are willing to question and suspend them.

Our organization helps us invest at least 15%-20% of our time on new, innovative endeavors - even if the ROI is not yet proven.

We have clearly written strategies (fewer than 5) that help guide our daily activities, hiring, and resource allocation.

Our reporting language, KPI dashboard, and cadence match the rest of the organization.

We view the CEO, CIO, VIP of Sales, and VP of Customer Service as our peers, not our superiors.

We have eliminated military and sports metaphors from our marketing communications plans (eg. "kill the competition," "pitch our product," and "hit a home run").

Our work environment creates the perfect blend of collaboration, positive energy, peace, and good ergonomics.

We avoid using mobile devices during client or team meetings. Eye to eye contact is our de facto communications method for important conversations.

I am currently pursuing additional study in one of these areas: marketing analytics, big data, information technology strategy, sales, finance, or personal development.



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