Becoming an entrepreneur is a lot like running a marathon: it takes time, sacrifice, and hard work. You need the right training and, even more importantly, you need an incredibly high level of mental strength. 

Of course, mental fitness alone will never be a substitute for a good business model, solid strategy, and access to resources such as capital and talent. However, all other elements being equal, the right mindset can be the difference between success and failure. That’s why I developed the SHAPE Mindset to help entrepreneurs boost their mental tenacity. 

As an aspiring entrepreneur, do you have the mental toughness to survive the marathon ahead – or could you use more training? Take the quiz to find out!



 I’m not aware of what I’m really good at and what my biggest challenges are.



I look for team members who fill the void of my shortcomings.



I actively seek feedback from people I work with to continuously improve myself.



I seek advice from other experts or mentors when I have no idea how to move forward.



I don’t fear failure because I know it will teach me something in the long run.



I have not actively pursued professional organizations I can join to level up my skills and expand my network.



I have defined my personal core values that guide my goals as an entrepreneur.



As a leader, I have a clearly defined mission and follow it when I’m making decisions.



In high-stakes business situations, I often find myself “playing the part” to fit in.



I give myself 15 to 20 minutes a day to reflect and set my focus for the day ahead.



I believe that setbacks can actually lead to more innovation, if you’re willing to focus and do the work.



When life gets really tough, I focus on the future and push through toward my ultimate goals.



I will stay passionate about my ideas, even if they don’t become huge successes.



I accept that ups and downs are part of the entrepreneurial journey.



I never shy away from new challenges – I look forward to them.

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