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Welcome to the Motivational Outlook Assessment!

Do you know why you are motivated to achieve a challenging task or goal in your life—or not?

Many people I speak with aren’t sure – and neither are those who try to lead them.

Both are problems!

We developed this assessment to help you get to the bottom of the type of motivation you have on a certain task or goal. It is an extension of my book, Why Motivating People Doesn't Work...and What Does: The New Science of Leading, Energizing, and Engaging, and although it is easy to take (5 minutes or so), it is a sophisticated diagnostic to help you identify your Motivational Outlook for achieving a certain task or goal you are working on.

In the assessment you’ll be asked to respond to a variety of questions. Please keep in mind that the final section of this assessment is to help with demographic research and is not an attempt to gather personal information.

After you finish the assessment I will email you with your results and you will have the option to join my newsletter, which will provide you with exclusive content and resources to help you on your professional journey moving forward.

Thanks for your participation!


Choose a goal or situation. Keep that goal or situation in mind as you consider each of the 18 statements. If a statement describes the type of motivation you are currently experiencing, click YES. If not, click No.

I feel pressure. I have to do it. (I fear what might happen if I don’t.)

I have been the promises a tangible reward or incentive.

I don’t care.

I want to avoid feelings of guilt, shame, or disappointment in myself.
I want to avoid feelings of guilt, shame, or disappointment in myself.

I am able to demonstrate important values.

I derive a sense of meaning from it.
I don’t have the energy to manage what’s required.
I’m having pure fun and enjoyment.
I want to avoid damaging a relationship with someone who has expectations of me.
I feel a deep sense of purpose.
I’ve made a conscious and deliberate choice to do the right thing.

I am too overwhelmed.

I’m tapping into a conscious but almost automatic way of being.

I have an unexplainable interest and attraction.

I hope I will receive people’s respect.

I have always gravitated to it naturally.

I expect it will bring me power, an enhanced image, or status.

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