Do you have preteens in your ministry who aren’t engaging the way they used to?

Are you unsure of how to move forward and support your preteens through one of life’s most challenging times?

Take the Preteen Engagement Assessment and find out if you are leading your preteens through the in between.


1. I continuously research cultural trends that are affecting preteens today.
2. I am unsure of what day-to-day life looks like at school and home for the preteens in my ministry.
3. I often feel helpless on how to successfully talk to the preteens in my ministry.
4. I talk with my preteens about how they interact and communicate on social media.
5. I have established an atmosphere at my church that encourages preteens to think critically about life.
6. I often engage my preteens’ parents so I can understand their home and family dynamics.

7. I incorporate group activities into my ministry that encourage engagement and community with their peers.

8. I feel confident discussing hard topics with my preteens and answering their difficult questions.
9. I often seek help from others on ways I can better communicate with the preteens in my ministry.
10. I ensure there are activities for all learning styles when planning ministry activities.
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