As a healthcare professional, you make a difference every day. There are long hours, many patients to care for, a variety of moving parts, and often emotional ups and downs.


But in the back of your mind, you are always thinking about how to help grow your practice/institution and make a greater impact beyond the patients you see every day.  When it comes to focusing on your thought leadership, it can feel like there is simply not enough time (and energy) in the day to dedicate to it!


But In our digitally-driven world, having an online presence can be a powerful way to extend your reach beyond the patients you see day-to-day. Building your thought leadership can position you as an advocate to grow the institution you are a part of.


Are you using online platforms to build your credibility and make a bigger impact?


1Do you currently own your name as a URL? Ex:


2Do you have a call-to-action on your website to get people onto your email list?


3When you Google your name, what do you find?


4What best describes your involvement on social media?


5Do you blog regularly?


6What best describes your content strategy?


7Do you have an email list?


8What best describes your relationship with your LinkedIn profile?


9Are you active on social media beyond LinkedIn?


10How often do you receive media coverage?


11How often do you engage with the content of others on social media?


12Do you promote or share your own media coverage?


13Do you currently speak publicly to your target audience?


14When you give a media interview, what is your call-to-action at the end?


15If you were to read your healthcare online reviews, what would they say about you?

All done!

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