Does your content management system need an upgrade?

Your content management system should provide your business with accessible information that is easy to analyze, organize and share amongst team members.

If your information is difficult to find and team members feel a lapse in communication, it may be time to upgrade your content management system and integrate SharePoint within your organization.

Read each statement below and select True or False to evaluate your current content management system.

1. My current content management system allows me to eliminate collaborating on documents through email.
2. I still rely on paper to manage my documentation.
3. I cannot currently set up alerts on documents and libraries.
4. My current content management system provides views or snapshots of related documents.
5. I can find all documents for a specific project, and see clearly the state, owner and status of each document.
6. My current content management system doesn’t integrate with my Dynamics 365 system.
7. I currently utilize SharePoint.
8. If true, what do you use it for?
9. I have an Office 365 account and I am not using the built in SharePoint integration.
10. I’ve integrated workflows to help manage content, business processes and integrations.
11. My end users find my SharePoint implementation easy to use.
12. My SharePoint administrators find it hard to maintain, support, update and enhance.
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