The team assessment for people who hate team assessments.

If you’re an entrepreneurial leader, you’ve probably made more than a few hiring, firing, or promotion mistakes. No judgment–people decisions are hard. We’ve all been there!

This assessment is the first step toward figuring out where you may have people problems. When your issues are clear, you can identify how to take your company to the next level.
Ready to find out?

I have an employee I like as a person, but I’m just not sure they fit my long-term vision for the company.
I’m not sure about my leadership team. At least one of them doesn’t seem to have enough experience or expertise to take us to the next level.
If a certain “key” team member were to walk into my office and quit tomorrow, I think I’d actually be relieved.
Knowing what I know now about my business and where we’re going, there’s at least one member of my leadership team I would NOT enthusiastically rehire in their current role.
I fell in love with the resume of an executive-level candidate – and they talked a good game – but then they disappointed me greatly with their performance.
I’ve got a senior leader on my team who likes to sit in their ivory tower and pontificate instead of getting their hands dirty and getting sh*t done.
I’ve got a “leader” on my team who fancies themselves an expert, a guru – and is eager to tell you how smart they are at every turn. I’m starting to suspect they are full of crap.
My leadership team meetings have become an “excuse fest” for why one or more “leaders” aren’t getting their job done.
My company has a well-defined vision my team wholeheartedly embraces and strives towards on a daily basis.
My company is pretty good at the tactical HR stuff, like payroll and compliance, but we struggle with the strategic people initiatives like culture, values and training and development.
My employees don’t need all of that soft sh*t like mission, vision and values. They’re happy (and lucky) to have a job.
We have well-documented core values the team has embraced. Our values influence every aspect of the business: including how we recruit, hire, fire, engage and promote employees.
I’m great at “big picture” thinking and planning but really struggle managing day-to-day details.
I have a trusted operations lead on my team who I’m confident can lead the company operationally through our next level of success.
In my leadership role, I’ve been able to focus on the things I’m good at and enjoy doing – and offload everything else.
My company’s growth or profitability has stagnated and I’m not really sure how to get things back on track.
Tell us a little about yourself and find out which people problem is stunting your success!

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