Thank you for taking the time to complete this short survey on CO-CREATE before you attend David Nour’s upcoming session.  Your answers on this survey will remain completely confidential.  Each question is on a scale of 1 to 5: 


1 = Strongly Disagree

2 = Disagree

3 = Neutral

4 = Agree

5 = Strongly Agree


Please answer honestly.  All of the data collected through this survey will be compiled into an aggregate form that will maintain your anonymity. The aggregated data will be discussed by David during his session.


The information that you provide will be used to generate a feedback report regarding your innovative behaviors. After you complete this survey, the feedback report will be emailed to the email address that you provide.   


Co-CREATE Survey

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Leveraging Relationships Dimension
I spend significant time nurturing my business relationships.
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Strongly Agree
Strongly Agree
I purposely develop certain relationships because I know they will benefit me in the future.
If it weren’t for my professional network, it would take me considerably longer to achieve my goals.
When I encounter an obstacle, I reach out to my network for their expertise.   
When I have an idea, I know exactly who to partner with to develop it further. 
I only trust certain people in my professional network, because I know they have my best interests in mind.    
I know a broad range of people whom I can call upon when I need help with a project. 
It is difficult for me to develop relationships with people outside of my industry. 
I intentionally focus on growing specific relationships that are advantageous to me. 
I am open to collaborating with other industry leaders in order to further my ideas.
Innovative Disruption Dimension
I always find time to experiment with new ideas.   
I struggle with implementing an idea.
I thoroughly research how to implement ideas before doing so.
Even if it is unpopular to do so, I always challenge the status quo.
I self-reflect to learn from my past mistakes.
I find it challenging to adapt to sudden changes in my industry.
I often miss sudden changes in market trends.
I make sure to test my ideas on a small scale before fully implementing them.   
I am willing to test my ideas with pilot studies and/or prototypes.   
I frequently talk with my relationships about future innovations in the market.
I frequently gather data on the customer’s (client’s, stakeholder’s, etc.) experiences.
I use data gathered from customers/clients/stakeholders/etc. to anticipate their future needs.   
Supportive Culture Dimension
I work in an organization that embraces creativity.   
I am recognized by my colleagues for my innovative ideas.   
My organization provides me with the resources I need when testing new ideas.   
I work in an organization that encourages experimenting with innovative ideas.
Even after a failure, I am encouraged by colleagues not to give up on an idea.
I implement my ideas without considering the impact on customers, stakeholders, colleagues, etc.
I always look at potential changes from another’s perspective.
It is important to me to have a positive impact on others’ lives.   
If a customer, stakeholder, partner, etc. has an issue, I do whatever I can to make it right.   
My ideas for innovation often go unrecognized by my colleagues.

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