“Getting to an unbreakable belief in yourself starts with knowing what makes you uniquely you.” – GRAVITAS CEO Lisa Sun

Take this quiz to discover your confidence language: your unique combination of superpowers that provide the basis for self-belief. By believing in your strengths and building on them, you will become the best version of yourself, with the ability to navigate whatever comes your way.

There are no right or wrong answers! Just be as honest as possible.

1. I am a calming force in groups.
2. I enjoy gathering and analyzing information before making a decision or forming an opinion.
3. I’ve been told that I’m the life of the party.
4. In group settings, I don’t feel like I have to prove myself or impress anyone.
5. I love setting goals and working to achieve and/or exceed them.
6. I am really good at coming up with new ideas.
7. I enjoy helping others with no expectation of return.
8. I enjoy leading meetings.
9. I think often about what the future will look like.
10. I get even more motivated when I am challenged—I love healthy competition.
11. I live by the motto “knowledge is power.”
12. In group settings, others look to me to take charge.
13. I enjoy meeting new people.
14. I rarely feel embarrassed.
15. I am a good listener. People often come to me to vent.
16. I expect good things will come and things will get better, even in the toughest of times.
17. I get energy from giving a speech or presentation.
18. I consider myself a logical and rational person.
19. I believe everything happens for a reason; if it doesn’t happen, it wasn’t meant to be.
20. I enjoy any creative activity.
21. I don’t mind being seated next to a stranger at a dinner party— I was born to charm!
22. I enjoy putting time and thought into buying the perfect gift.
23. I believe practice makes perfect.
24. I do what I want without worrying about what others will think.
25. I enjoy a good to-do list. I can create a spreadsheet for almost any occasion!
26. I’m comfortable in my own skin.
27. I care whether or not people like me.
28. I get excited about “firsts”—experiencing or doing something never done before.
29. I’ve been told that I am a great coach.
30. I’ve been known to continue on and/or endure, regardless of setbacks.
31. If a friend is sick, I’m the first to show up to help.
32. Even in tough times, I’m very hopeful about the future.
33. I’m great at telling stories; I love being asked to give a toast!
34. I take charge in planning outings for my friends.
35. I believe in things before I can see them.
36. I’m always measuring how I’m doing, especially to improve.
37. When I face a setback, I give myself to the universe and/or something greater than me.
38. I’ve been told that I can be too nice (almost to the point where I feel taken for granted!).
39. I’m not comfortable making decisions without all the available information.
40. I don’t feel intimidated or threatened by others.
41. I get a lot of satisfaction out of helping others be successful.
42. I’ve been told that I can be overwhelming.
43. I can be stubborn and don’t know when to let go.
44. I practice gratitude (versus worrying about what I can’t control).
45. I have been told that I am not practical and/or am too much of a dreamer.
46. I’ve been told that I like to have things my way too often.
47. I don’t feel the need to explain myself.
48. I enjoy learning new things.
49. I’m good at persuading people to participate or contribute to a project or cause.
50. My accomplishments are a big part of who I am.
51. I usually see the best in every situation and other people.
52. I rarely compare myself to others.
53. I often feel responsible for the happiness of others.
54. I enjoy being the center of attention.
55. I have a really powerful imagination.
56. I am a very curious person.

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