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Overall I feel technology can play a positive role in kids lives.
However, I do have concerns about technology – distraction, sexting, negative social interactions and/or inappropriate sites.
I am happy with my family's overall approach toward using and managing technology.
My own technology habits are a great role model for my kids.
I feel like I have a good handle on what apps and games my kids are using.
I am aware of the role of technology in my child's friendships.
I feel like my kids' tech use is well balanced with the rest of their lives.
I have a strong community of fellow parents with whom I can openly discuss issues or questions about kids and technology.
The layout of my home and placement of devices and chargers supports my family's approach to technology use.
My child knows they can come to me if something difficult or upsetting happens in their social media or gaming world.
I feel overwhelmed by all the new apps that kids are using and feel like it is hopeless to try to stay ahead of the curve.
My child seems frequently distracted by devices or social media when trying to complete homework.
My child is aware of and usually exhibits good phone, text and email etiquette. 
I have criteria in place for allowing my kids to download new apps.
I'd feel open to hearing from my kids and/or spouse what they consider to be their least favorite tech habit of mine.
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