Does your company want to increase its bottom-line profits by proactively creating a positive, harassment-free culture? As you look for enriching changes to make in your organization, take the Equality Mindset Assessment to see if you have the ACTIVE Equality® mindset! Your results will show valuable recommendations for actions that can be implemented immediately for positive change.

Disclaimer: All personal information will remain confidential. Answers collected will be used for research purposes.
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1. Which range accurately describes your age?
2. What is your biological sex?
3. How would you classify your role within your organization?
4. What is the size of your organization?
5. If you witnessed inappropriate or sexually suggestive conduct in the workplace, which best describes how you would react?
6. A hostile work environment cannot be created simply by jokes or stories about other people.
7. Think about the last three people you had coffee or lunch with from your workplace. Overall, how different are they from you demographically (e.g. age, gender, race, religion, physical appearance, disability, sexual orientation, company rank)?
8. How often do you ensure that every team member present has input in a meeting?
9. Workplace harassment is a women’s issue.
10. In your opinion, does workplace harassment training focus on avoiding lawsuits or fundamentally shifting mindsets?
11. Based on your experience, how successful would you rate your company’s workplace harassment policies and training?
12. Recall your experiences with company happy hours, holiday events, and other parties: have you ever been intoxicated at one of these functions?
13. Would your closest loved one be proud of how you treat your coworkers, especially those of the opposite sex?
14. Are you hesitant to give your co-worker a compliment on their physical appearance?
15. Would you be afraid to give your co-worker a hug if they requested one?
16. Have you ever talked down to a coworker because of a bias you have toward their age, gender, race, religion, physical appearance, disability, or sexual orientation?
17. How familiar are you with your company’s values?
18. How well does your performance reflect your company’s values?

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