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Preliminary questions [to place your responses properly]. 

1. My interest in public infrastructure is as a:
2. My primary interest is in infrastructure managed at this level:
3. My primary interest is in:

NOTE: Each question asks how your public infrastructure owner operates (one you are most familiar with).


Mission – Level of Service Commitments

My Owner:

1. Adopted clear mission targets for its core infrastructure assets.
2. Adopted clear level of service commitments for core infrastructure assets. 
3. Keeps reliable, public information about the current condition of core infrastructure assets.
4. Tracks maintenance and repair activites required to meet level of service commitments.
5. Does not defer maintenance and repair for core infrastructure assets.

Sources and Uses of Funds

My Owner:

6. Keeps detailed records of historical "sources and uses" of funds for core infrastructure assets.
7. Keeps detailed projections of future "sources and uses" of funds for core infrastructure assets.

Enterprise Risk Management

My Owner:

8. Identifies and tracks risks that would prevent meeting level of service commitments (using international standards for Enterprise Risk Management).
9. Uses Consequence Levels and Likelihood Levels to prioritize activities that must be performed to meet mission targets and level of service commitments.
10. Allocates resources for capital and O&M projects to meet level of service commitments using Enterprise Risk Management.

Project Delivery and Finance Methods

My Owner:

11. Relies on Head to Head competition to produce best value for infrastructure facilities & services.
12. Competes for core infrastructure facilities and services on a life-cycle basis (25 to 35 years).
13. Uses historical sources and uses of funds to confirm value for money and level of service.
14. Treats actual competitors for core infrastructure facilities and services fairly.
15. Signals Fair Treatment to potential competitors through transparent procurement.


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