Is your message clear and potent?
Please take 8 minutes to answer the following questions to determine if your message is clear and potent.
Our company has a simple, consistent message.
Our message is differentiated from competitors’.
People understand our company’s purpose.
Employees know how to tell our company’s story.
Our message helps customers understand what’s in it for them.
Customers know what our brand is all about.
Customers know what makes our brand unique.
Our brand offers benefits the competition can't match.
We document our company’s message, so we have a single source of truth.
We use a simple visual tool to help everyone stay on message.
We speak our customers’ language.
Our story is easy to understand, even for a lay person who’s not an expert in our field.
Our company story is unique.
Our website makes our company’s story clear.
All our executives and spokespersons always stay on message.
Our message is completely consistent in live events, digital and printed media.
Our message is easy to remember.
We tell one consistent story to customers, employees, investors and influencers.
Our message fits on one side of one piece of paper.
We can tell our story quickly, in 7 seconds, 23 words or less.
It’s easy to scale our story up to 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 20 minutes or more.
If you covered up our company name, people would recognize our story anyway.

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