As leaders in any area of life, we must perform highly complex and high-pressure tasks in constantly changing environments. However, many of us have difficulty excelling as leaders due to our own fears, self-doubts and feelings of uncertainty. 

These feelings are a normal part of life, but to be a successful leader, you must be able to move past them; you must be able lead fearlessly. Fearless leadership requires three important traits: Courage, Tenacity and Integrity. If you fall short in one area, you might be compromising your ability to lead fearlessly. 

Knowing where you can improve and strengthen your abilities is necessary to become a fearless leader. Take the quiz to determine which trait needs your focus the most on your path to fearless leadership! 

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1. When I feel self-doubt about a goal I’m trying to achieve, I tend to:

2. I believe that being a leader:

3. When presented with new opportunities, I tend to:

4. I see challenges as:

5. People who succeed:

6. When I set a goal for myself, I tend to:

7. If I have a really big goal in mind, I:

8. When I feel overwhelmed or under pressure I:

9. In order to be a trusted leader, it’s best to:

10. As a leader, I know that to build trust with my team members I should:

11. If my team makes a mistake, my first task is to:

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